(Updated November 13, 2016)
I generally have very limited numbers of bunnies for sale.  I dont breed my does very often....usually 3-4 times a year.  My primary objective is to breed for my show prospects.  I usually keep a few for myself and sell the rest.  Most will be show quality and offered for sale with their pedigrees and priced accordingly. 

Sometimes I have a few bunnies that are not showable but very suitable for meat breeding.  I sell them without the pedigree at a reduced price.  I dont often have breeding aged rabbits available but about once a year I need to rotate stock so sometimes it happens.

I have sold meat pens in the past but dont wish to anymore.  I'm proud to say my pens have done well (winning both Reserve and Grand Champion) but it's just not the direction I want to go with my rabbits.

Bunny prices vary depending on their age, quality, and breeding.  Most are $65 to $75 (females on the higher end).  Bunnies out of Grand Champion stock are usually priced at $80-$100. 

Leave me a message, tell me what you want, and I'll do what I can to fix you up!!


Every precaution I know of is excersized to prevent after-sale deaths but since I cannot control stress factors or environmental conditions once the bunny leaves my barn, I do not offer a health guarantee. 
Prior to sale, each bunny is given a round of Probiotics and if older than 12 weeks they also get a dose of Panacur.  I routinely vaccinate my bunnies against Pasteurella so if you're opposed to that, these may not be the bunnies for you.  I do not sell bunnies under 8 weeks of age and I do not sell bunnies for Easter.  A pre-purchase check-list is done to assure there are no obvious health issues and no show disqualifications.  All of this is intended to give the rabbit the best chance of survival after the stress of being sold, and to assure a quality rabbit you are happy with. 


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