About Us
My husband Don and I moved to our 20-acre farm back in March of 2008.  We were excited to finally have a farm and wanted to name it something special.  Nothing was sounding good.  On the far west side of our land there's a large erosion hole that Don calls a "chughole".  He says that's another word for pothole. The name stuck and we're now The Chughole Farm.
We keep our operations small so it's manageable in a proper fashion.  Our rabbitry is clean---waste is collected in trays beneath the cages and twice a day it's all flushed into a central drain and outside to a collection bin for composting.  Our entire herd is wormed twice a year, and our barn is sanitized regularly.  We do this to prevent the development and/or spread of diseases and parasites.  The Bunny Barn is climate-controlled to help prevent the loss of babies to weather extremes.  (And to keep our bunnies comfortable!)  We always try to keep enough bucks in the herd to diversify our breeding and to match bucks with good charactaristics to does that will compliment them.  Most of our rabbits are either active in the show ring, are retired from showing, or are taking a break long enough to have babies.
Our rabbitry would be nothing without customers so your satistfaction is important. If we dont have what you want, we'll try through our networking source to find it.  Much of our business is from repeat customers and, thanks to some satistfied people (as well as friendly fellow rabbiteers) a lot of our business comes to us as referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with a great new family pet, or a quality rabbit for your 4H or FFA project, or even just a rabbit or two as the foundation for your meat-breeding endeavors.  Give us a call!
____________Our spoiled Red Brahma "Zeba"___________

We are located off HWY 81 just north of Duncan, Oklahoma city limits.
***PLEASE NOTE*** Our address does not show correctly on Google Maps or on GPS.  If you need driving directions to our farm, you'll have to call. 
I have no "official" hours of operation.  Texts and Emails are welcome any time of day or night, but phone calls should be limited to common courtesy hours.  (See "contact us" page for number and address).
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